Yvonne Zipter was born in Milwaukee, WI, and following sojourns on both coasts, has replanted herself firmly again in the Midwest. She lives in Chicago with her wife and a long succession of retired racing greyhounds. She is the author of the poetry collections The Patience of Metal (a Lambda Literary Awards finalist) and Like Some Bookie God, the nonfiction books Ransacking the Closet and Diamonds Are a Dyke's Best Friend, and the nationally syndicated column Inside Out, which ran from 1983 to 1993. Her poems have been published widely in periodicals

Poet's Eye, by Cyd Smillie

The painting incorporates lines from Zipter's poem "Blue Wild Indigo," published by Heron Tree.

Kissing the Long Face of the Greyhound: 

Now Available for Purchase.

Kissing the Long Face of the Greyhound can be ordered from Women and Children First or your own favorite independent bookseller. (Also available at Amazon.)

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