Reviews of Kissing the Long Face of the Greyhound

"Humor, immense wit, and emotional truth saturates Zipter's verses." ~ Jim Piechota, Bay Area Reporter

"So much to love and sometimes to mourn in these poems. Blessed moments of wit and humor." ~ Kathleen Kirk, Escape into Life

"From nature, to love, to powerful human emotions, Zipter's poems find the beauty in everything." ~ Kelly Parrett, Key Reporter

"Zipter's larger themes echo in quiet ways across poems. Her poems sing with alliteration and enjambment to create haunting sound and imagery." ~ Grace Hendrickson, Harbor Review

"I found myself thinking of Sylvia Plath and Mary Oliver and how Zipter is, in her own way (and in my opinion), uniquely better than both." ~ Adele Kenny, Tiferet (print edition only; reprinted below)